Superoxide dismutase  (SOD) is a key enzyme of the body antioxidant system. Physiological action of SOD is associated with detoxification of superoxide radicals, which are generated in the body at different pathologies


Enzyme Technologies LTC  is the only producer of highly-pure recombinant human SOD on an industrial scale in Russia.




We’ve been developing novel enzymatic drugs based on recombinant Cu,Zn human SOD for more than 15 years. In 2009 a drug line possessing antioxidant, anticytoliytic and anti-inflammatory activities was lanced under the common Recsod ® trademark. It includes Recsod ® — lyophilized substance for preparation of the solution for injections and Recsod ® — Oph — lyophilized substance for preparation of eye drops.

Recombinant Cu,Zn – SOD is being successfully used in cosmetology. We are proud to present the Fleur -Enzyme cosmetic cream line and the medical-cosmetic cream Soderm®-  Forte which contain our recominant human SOD. 

Enzyme Technologies LTC invites pharmaceutical companies and producers of cosmetics, food supplements and veterinary products to collaborate and  consider using our SOD for further amelioration of your product lines.

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